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Your Business

Businesses throughout the world require guarding services and we offer high-quality guarding services and we ensure that our clients get their money's worth, after all we need you just as much as you need us.


Your Family

Our company has been built on strong ethics, we have employed a family-like relationship with our clients as we are aware of the importance of family. We offer dedicated personal attention for family if needed.


Your Assets

Protecting your assets and investments in today's world is a must and TKN Security provides well-trained guards that understand and have the knowledge to tackle this particular task. 

Corporate Guarding

TKN Security provides comprehensive guarding services to the corporate, commercial and industrial sectors.

With guards recruited and trained to TKN Security's industry standards, TKN Security can provide any business with a first-class guarding solution. TKN Security provides professional and quality corporate guarding services, protecting property, inventory and employees.

At TKN Security, our customers are the cornerstone of our business. We recognize that our customers have specific security needs requiring customized security solutions. Working together, we aim to create a unique, cost-effective security solution that addresses the needs of each of our clients, this is just part of our commitment to our customers.

We can design the security solution that fulfills your business goals. We are committed to delivering quality, cost-effective solutions to our customers. We have made that our priority. 

Every day, we secure new and ongoing businesses by building strong, sustainable and rewarding relationships with each and every one of our customers.

 Your Security and Safety a Priority above all elseSecurity, be it on a commercial or individual basis has become an intricate need to all citizens of South Africa. The question that’s foremost in people's minds today is “ how safe is my business, home properties and family? How honest, good, well-trained and equipped is the security services I have at the present moment?” It is widely known that crime in South Africa is so advanced and sophisticated that the existing crime-fighting agents (SAPS and the security industry) find themselves having to catch up with the new methods being employed by criminals. TKN SECURITY SERVICES is committed to the delivery of a professional security service that is tailor-made to suit your specific needs. TKN SECURITY SERVICES has been refined carefully and thoroughly through research.

Everybody who is part of this company is trained and capable of what they are responsible for. We have discovered that our most valuable asset is our staff, and have therefore created a working framework that attracts the best-skilled management and staff contingent. Our staff is well trained in order to empower and create a dynamic standard of excellence in the workplace. We instill a sense of purpose and pride in our staff and conduct regular performance evaluations that measure how well they maintain our fundamental values or codes of ethics, which are integrity, dedication, customer focus, flexibility and results orientation. For any business to be a success, it must have proper focus on satisfactory service delivery. At TKN SECURITY SERVICES we value our clients greatly; hence we have customer focus as one of our fundamental values, which have to be maintained by all staff.

The Basis of TKN

TKN Security Services is situated north of Durban and only a phone call away. We assure you of our very best services and attention at all times.

TKN SECURITY SERVICES is a BBBEE Registered private security services provider that’s fully compliant with the labour and security industry legislation. TKN SECURITY SERVICES is able to deliver a professional and reliable security service tailor-made for your safety and security, packaged to satisfy your security needs. The company is owned by people derived from the security industry itself. We are a proudly managed South African based Company. The company has been technically evaluated, approved and registered by the security officers’ board. The combined experience offered by the management team calculates to a number of years.

Our company takes pride in its basic three cornerstones, which are: Independence, Teamwork and Quality Service. Being a fully independent company provides us with the attitudes to make prompt decisions that are client suiting. Working in a team, Encourage, Motivate, Teach, and guiding each other has brought us success and a sense of belonging to all the team members. 

We aim to be a dominant force and a one-stop office that provides all security and protective needs. We aim to continue growing as we have been given a market share, to nurture our team to professional maturity and to offer a service that is trendsetting.

It is vitally important for us to maintain contact with our clients at the highest level in order to deliver quality customer service. Due to this concern, we operate an open-door policy where our clients are encouraged to contact Senior Management, we also realize the need to make surprise visits to the site that we provide our security services to in order to keep our personnel alert and on their toes.

Our employment and operating practices are distinct from the industry’s norm, specifically introduced in order to combat bad practices and benefit our customers. All staff undergoes initial three months probation, earning the industry minimum wage. Acceptable performance is considered sufficient reason to undertake further three months probation, at a supplemented wage, whereupon performance in the field is evaluated and the member appointed to staff at full pay and benefits.

Our Commitments

At TKN Security Services we do not believe that the individual performance benchmarks established by the Security Officer’s Board are adequate and guards receive supplementary training in fire, safety, mental skills and first aid.

Notwithstanding, training is a function of the specific site requirements and our personnel is equipped according to these requirements. Where necessary we use a unique recruitment and selection system where we make use of the services of our contracted specialist psychologist who undertake a detailed and exhaustive evaluation of all candidates prior to them being employed. The selection process makes use of a uniquely designed integrity evaluation, which we have found to be extremely efficient in rooting our undesirable candidates before they commence work.

We are committed to Employment Equity Act and will strive to: 

  • Promote Employment Equity in the workplace so that full equity may be reached.

  • Continue the process of Employment Equity alongside the objective of ensuring growth and competitiveness in the market place.

  • Enhance and grow the skills of all stakeholders with Time Risk Solution in order that employees from previously disadvantaged groups may develop vertically and horizontally.

  • Establish measures and conditions that will further the equality of opportunities for all employees and continue contributing to building a non-sexist and non-discriminatory South Africa.

Our policy with respect to staff development is to implement affirmative action within the parameters of affirmative education and affirmative leadership which we believe is a model of development that goes beyond appointing on the basis of colour in order to meet social or legislated benchmarks with complete disregard for human dignity and ambition. We appreciate that our major challenge is going to be growing to our existing employees so that as the company grows so they are able to move confidentially into the senior positions. To this end we have set the following strategy: We have determined that the training and development of our members is a critical success factor and engaged the

services of a professional trainer on a consultancy basis to co-ordinate and manage our personnel development program. As baseline strategy will continue to provide ongoing multi-skills training to all our members at the lower levels who have obvious potential for future promotion, have been identified and they have been exposed to a development program to fast track their development. Members who are already at the supervisory level and who we believe have the potential to develop further will receive individual counseling from our trainer and an individual development program for each of these members. We have also introduced a study or assistance program where certain members are assisted in studying or applicable qualifications on a part-time basis or by means of correspondence.


In this industry no two jobs are identically the same, for this reason, we recognize the need to provide services tailored to the need of our clientele. It is therefore a standard procedure that the management of TKN SECURITY SERVICES will sit together with the client to discuss the customer’s needs in full, the resultant job description will therefore match directly and specifically, the services that the client wants.

  • We recommend that the customers provide a comprehensive description of their requirements but in the event that the client is unsure how best to secure their assets. We are willing to give input, at no extra cost to the client.

The Fee Structure

Due to various different needs of clients, so to do we operate a flexible fee structure. Our fees are basically divided into three categories

which are: 

  • Retail shops and Residential properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial properties 

The contract period depends on the client but in the event that long-term contracts are signed such will be subjected to review and renewal on an annual basis.

N.B The fees depend on the needs of the client. Client with large needs are welcome to tailor these according to the dictates of their budgets.

On signing a contract, the total monthly payment will be made no later than the end of the particular month.


We believe that quality is something, which is found on the incorporation of systems and practices, with trouble-shooting detection implemented before problems manifest themselves. The following characterize our company’s administrative procedures:

  • Each site has instruction manuals.
  • Each site has standing orders authorized by the client and to which we adhere to.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly security reports are submitted to all clients, based on clients’ preferences. 
  • Monthly security meeting with all clients with the objectives to improve systems and procedures. 

TKN SECURITY SERVICES is situated north of Durban. We are only a phone call away. Our mission is to protect you, making your safety and security a priority above all else.

Types of Uniform

  1. Khaki or Brown shirt with logo on either end of the sleeves.    
  2. Brown skipper with logo on either end of the sleeves.
  3. Black combat trouser.
  4. Black combat boots.      
  5. Blue Shirt with logo on either end of the sleeves.      
  6. Black Jacket with logo on the left.      
  7. Black Trouser.      
  8. Black Shoes.      
  9. Black Tie with a red emblem on the middle.

Corporate & Commercial Guarding

We ensure that all guards carefully selected, we then implement a thorough training program, we maintain our guards physical and mental ability by enforcing this training program on a regular basis. TKN Security guards are trained to fit into your company so that they interact with your personnel and clients in a natural and proactive manner. They are capable of dealing with almost any emergency situation that may arise. 


Industrial Guarding

Security factors faced by warehouses and factories are a complex issue and receive threats not only from the outside, but also from within. TKN

Security guards are trained to conduct diligent patrols around the target site and to locate any vulnerable areas along the perimeter. Regular checks are a necessity, which is why we provide a complete warehousing service aimed at reducing shrinkage, stock

loss and theft. 


Special Events

Our guards are professionally trained to provide security at large and small events, including sports matches, concerts, conferences and parties. Whatever your guarding needs, you can trust TKN to provide a complete security solution tailored for you.


Other Products


Gate Automation

Access Control

Fire Detection

We Trust That This Meets With Your Approval And Look Forward To A Mutually Beneficial Relationship. We Assure You Of Our Very Best Services And Attention At All Times. We Have Entered The Market With One Goal In Mind: To Compete On Service And Quality, Thereby Giving You Peace Of Mind.