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Guarding Services

We have a goal to ensure the highest level of protection for our clients by employing effective security practices and solutions that are streamlined by open communication.

Corporate & Commercial

We ensure that all guards are carefully selected before implementing a thorough training program. We maintain our guard's physical and mental ability by enforcing this training program on a regular basis. TKN Security guards are trained to fit into your company so that they interact with your personnel and clients in a natural and proactive manner. They are capable of dealing with almost any emergency situation that may arise.


Security factors faced by warehouses and factories are a complex issue and receive threats not only from the outside but also from within. TKN Security guards are trained to conduct diligent patrols around the target site and to locate any vulnerable areas along the perimeter. Regular checks are a necessity, which is why we provide a complete warehousing service aimed at reducing shrinkage, stock loss and theft.

Special Events

Our guards are professionally trained to provide security at large and small events, including sports matches, concerts, conferences and parties. Whatever your guarding needs, you can trust TKN to provide a complete security solution tailored for you.